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Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to St. Elizabeth's First QR Code Scavenger Hunt

If you haven't done so yet download a QR Code Reader.  I recommend QRAFTER from the app store.  After you have downloaded it see if you can use the app to snap a picture of some of the codes on the walls.



  1. Each of the QR codes is a LOCATION.  
  2. There is a clue that comes with each that will give you a hint of where to find the location.  
  3. When you think you have the location, go there and look for the QR code.  You may have to look around some.  (I will not put it with other papers but it will be out of the way where you won't see it if you were walking by.)  
  4. Remember just because a group goes somewhere doesn't mean there is a code there....they just THINK there is a code there.
  5. The codes are all located on the school grounds.

Happy Hunting!!


First Code

How To Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

  1. Make up your riddles, information, etc. and type them in word - you will use this paper later. 
  2. You will need URL's for the QR codes.  They can come from: websites, facebook, youtube, dropbox, Google Maps, Twitter, etc.  If you need a link for some of your riddles use your classroom webpage or use Google "Sites" to create your links with your riddles.  You will need a page (in your website) for each riddle.
  3. Input your riddles and info into your website so you have your URL's.
  4. Go to - this will generate the bar codes you will need.
  5. Here you can copy and paste each URL to generate a code.  You have the option to download, print, or email the code.  I downloaded the code.
  6. Once you see the code, copy and paste it into the original Word document you started.  Paste each code by the appropriate riddle.  You will need these later.
  7. Think about the order you want the Scavenger Hunt to go in.  Once you have your codes finished you are ready to print them out.  **  I checked my codes here to make sure they worked and didn't have something I didn't an answer (mine did in one of them and I had to redo).   ** You will tape the first clue (QR code) where you plan to start (Where will this QR code send you???)  You will paste your second QR Code where the first one sent you and so on.
  8. Don't forget to check your codes to make sure they are working and in the correct order.