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*Treat others as you want to be treated.

*Maintain a Positive Attitude.

*Use technology appropriately.

*Keep hands and feet to yourself.

*Follow Instructions the First Time.

*Follow handbook guidelines.

*Complete classwork and homework on time.

*Put forth you best effort.

*Clean up after yourself.

*Be on time and in your seat when expected.

*Store cell phones out of sight and powered off.

*Come prepared and with required supplies.

Hallway & Bathroom

*Maintain an inside voice.

*Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

*Model good citizenship.

*Sat in assigned area.

*Use time wisely.

*Keep restrooms clean.

*Move efficiently to keep traffic flowing.

*Keep supplies organized.


*Use good manners.

*Assist others around you.

*Maintain an inside voice.

*Maintain a cooperative spirit.

*Clean up after yourself.

*Get permission to leave the table/cafeteria.

*Make sure you have lunch money in the account.

*Know your lunch number.

*Be prepared for dismissal.


*Be courteous to drivers and riders.

*Model a positive attitude on the bus.

*Use correct stops boarding and departing.

*Sit appropriately in your seat.

*Be at your stop on time.

*upon dismissal, go directly to your bus.

School Functions

*Applaud and cheer appropriately.

*Treat others the way you want to be treated.

*Stay with assigned teacher.

*Take care of the gym and school campus.

*Sit appropriately

*Bring only approved materials.

*Use active listening skills.